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The MVP is that version of a new product or service which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of learning and feedback with the least amount of effort required.

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How will it affect your experience on that website? I almost immediately ruled out the idea of validating as XHTML, because I vehemently agree with James Bennett: The short and sweet reason is simply this: XHTML offers no compelling advantage -- to me -- over HTML, but even if it did it would also offer increased complexity and uncertainty that make it unappealing to me. So many of these validation rules feel arbitrary and meaningless.

Dennis Forbes recently ran a number of websites through the validator, including this one, with predictably bad results: In short, we live in malformed world.

So much so that you begin to question whether validation matters at all.

According to the study, the gray area is the 30% of Features and functions that get used sometimes or infrequently.

All of these Features and functions that are never or barely used are causing higher costs, lower value, and longer cycle times, resulting in lower customer satisfaction.

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