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I think it's necessary for an actor to say, 'This doesn't ring true. It's the same with music and with the dynamic of the performer and how you relate to an audience.Regardless of what kind of stage you're going onto, whether it's movies or theatre or music, you're taking people on a journey.I don't want to spend my time doing something I don't love.But, at the same time, everything leads to something.But the thing about music is that it's your story: no one else has written the script.[on his father Gil Robbins] The most important thing I got from him about music is that it is something that is a legitimate way to make a living, and it's something that must have a discipline behind it.As a kid, many times I would come home from school and dad would be working on his compositions, writing an oratorio. So I considered it something not to be taken lightly.

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There's other stuff that you have to fill out on your own and flesh out on your own. I don't think it's necessary for an actor to do that. You want to achieve an honesty and a truth in the way you portray a character.But, biography-wise, I might be more inclined to make a film about someone who wasn't that well known. It's great to look someone in the eye, rather than getting a little neck ache. When we started it we were all punk rockers, big Clash [The Clash] fans. When I played an Afrikaner police officer in Catch a Fire (2006), I had to throw my beliefs aside and look into the humanity of people who've done terrible things.There's all kinds of interesting musicians who never had their stories told; there's a ton of obscure musicians from the '60s, or the punk era, who would be ideal. Do I find it difficult to play supporting roles, being so tall? Perhaps the tallest person should have the most lines in a script. We didn't want to do the theatre that was being done at our university theatre department. We wanted the energy we felt when we went to punk shows, that drive, that sweat . It's when you meet these people and break bread with them that you start to empathise. It's what you do, it informs every area of your life, every decision you make in your life, just as being a butcher or a librarian might do.At a pro-union rally in New York he said, "We're bringing her [Hurley] to trial after this is over. " Apparently she did "get away with it" whatever "it" was, since nothing came to pass in the intervening seven years.LA Weekly cover story detailed his struggle taking creative control of the Actors' Gang, the theater company he founded in 1981.

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