Who is cm punk dating 2016

Ronda Rousey was in Mortal Kombat, maybe CM Punk offers his likeness to a character in a non-wrestling game.

I don't really see any logical reason as to why CM Punk would have to, or WANT to, include WWE in anything or why WWE deserves to make any money off of CM Punk in the future?

Like someone else mentioned, he saved his money well, so i don't think he cares all too much about making more, especially after what he was paid for his 2 fights in UFC.

Plus, if he did sign a merch deal and got figures, shirts, a 'Self-Destruction of CM Punk' DVD among other things, it'd only drive more speculation and rumours about him returning, which would probably annoy him more than what he already gets.

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We may not be seeing AJ for a very long time or ever again if this is true." AJ Lee has not been seen on WWE television since the night after Wrestle Mania 30 when she dropped the Divas title on RAW to then NXT Champion Paige.

Her hiatus from the WWE has been lengthier than most expected at the time and it now looks like last week's wedding to CM Punk may have been a late decision based on news of the WWE diva's pregnancy.

I know it’ll never happen but UE Punk would be cool. Extra hands could be open hands, black X’s instead of red, or “clobbering time”. Punk lost his hair to Rey at Over the Limit in 2010 and I think he started getting that tattoo around Summer Slam time when he faced Big Show.

He did wear the yellow and black during both periods but he'd have to have a shirt on if you wanted to go with Jesus Punk and have it be accurate.

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