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I like to give Dave a run for his money now and then! Damian was revealed to be mobster Frank Smith's son, when Frank's mob killed Bill Eckert.Kim Reply Recommend Message 12 of 1424 in Discussion From: luvsluke Sent: 7/9/2002 AM thank you ksap! Damian didn't want Frank Smith's activities to wreck Damian's schemes in Port Charles.What's the most weird, is that whenever I need to wake up at a certain time, I tell myself aloud before I go to sleep, and I actually wake up on time. I 've been watching since 1978 and i can barely remember somethings! I'd appreciate any information you can provide or a push in the direction of where I might find the information. Alexander says she had given up acting until a couple of years ago, until someone came to her with a play called "Mother's Day." She acted in it and she realized she still enjoyed acting. It also starred Crystal Chappell and Michael Sabatino. Damian sabotaged some ELQ business by tainting water samples and then went to his boarding school buddy from way back, Ned, and promised to save ELQ by creating a toxic waste incinerator.While she was approached about reprising her role on GH as Lesley Webber in 1993, a change in head writers changed the storyline and canceled her return. Another little tidbit: The never-aired pilot for General Hospital (then called "Emergency Hospital") starred Denise Alexander as a patient. Damian got some ELQ stock out of Ned for the deal, and Damian gave 1/4 of it to Katherine in secret.

Tony threw Bobbie out, in his grief, and Bobbie found comfort in Damian's bed.eply Recommend (6 recommendations so far) Message 1 of 1424 in Discussion From: Luvin Liason (Original Message) Sent: 7/9/2002 AM OK Big Dave Smith......I have been a memeber sinse 99, and though I have changed my name, and become more of a Lurker shall you say seeing there is just sooooooooooooo many posts on the Board as of the last year or so, I have one question for you, If you don't mind? But, You seem to know EVERYTHING in great detail about General Hospital and its History and all the different Characters in the past and Present.Damian warmed up to Bobbie, and she responded, intending to get info on Frank Smith that Luke could use as leverage to keep his recently-returned family safe.Lucy developed a conscience, and wanted to call off the bet, not wanting her ex-husband Tony to get hurt if Bobbie strayed. To get back at Damian for ruining her wedding, Katherine voted AGAINST Damian's incinerator project.

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