Validating scale measurement credibility

The ADL Hierarchy Scale groups activities of daily living according to the stage of the disablement process in which they occur.

Early loss ADLs (for example, dressing) are assigned lower scores than late loss ADLs (for example, eating).

These scales have been carefully researched to ensure that they are comparable to industry "gold standard” measures.

Also, the DIVERT scale may help prioritize communication and collaboration with primary care and relevant specialists.

The Cognitive Performance Scale (CPS) combines information on memory impairment, level of consciousness, and executive function, with scores ranging from 0 (intact) to 6 (very severe impairment).

The CPS has been shown to be highly correlated with the MMSE in a number of validation studies.

The Detection of Indicators and Vulnerabilities for Emergency Room Trips Scale for was designed to classify the risk of emergency department use in frail community-dwelling older adults.

It was developed from a multi-year, census-level cohort study of home care patients and was informed by a multi-national clinical panel.

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