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Previous Post: In the first part of this article I talked about the steps necessary using Power Shell to find information about users on Office 365 and validate their license status.

We were able to connect to Office 365 with Power Shell and search for users via several parameters.

(or similar folder as per your office version like office16). Now type cscript /act in cmd window and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Now reopen office 2010 program, you will not get any error.

The script also outputs to the console the status of each check when it is finalized along with some nifty coloring.

Write-Host "User: $searchdisplay - $searchalias Was Not Found, Not Resolveable" -Background Color Red #Create a row in our Users Table so we can output the results $row = $table.

This search mechanism helps us resolve the users that have been synchronized or created in the cloud.

It is rather easy as well to include additional search fields if users are somehow addressed by a different format for logons & UPNs, it does not need to explicitly be Display Name or Alias, and it could be any combination of searches specific to an organization.

Once we have created the references to the right Command Lets, we have to set up the global variables for the script. Once we have the datatable available as a reference, we need to see if we are already connected to Office 365 or if we need to initiate a request for credentials and then generate a new connection.

The Seach User function takes a SPUser object as a parameter and then uses properties of that user to attempt a match in the cloud. Since the script can take any SPUser Object, getting those objects can be modified to suit a users needs at this point. Ticks $pathout = "Results-$webauth$dtticks.csv" #Export-Csv -Input Object $table -Path $pathout $tab Csv = $table | export-csv $pathout -no Type And Bonus, once the users have been validated and the table created, the table can be exported to a CSV file in the current directory.

#First search by User Email (most likely UPN) $onlineuser = $null if($searchemail -ne "") #Then Search by User ALIAS (second most likely) if($onlineuser -eq $null) #If all else fails, search by Display Name if($onlineuser -eq $null) If a user is found, we then do a quick test to make sure that the user actually has a license available, if not the user migration will fail. $web = " [Uri]$weburi = $web #Web Application $webapp = Get-SPWeb Application $web $boolfirstrun = $true $allusers = $null foreach ($site in $webapp. Count Write-Host "All site collections accessed and $count users found" $dt = Get-Date $webauth = $weburi. The filename is in the format “Results-sp2010-134134134134.csv” for uniqueness.

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