Utorrent tracker keeps updating

So here is a list of public and working torrent trackers.

That helps you to increase your torrent download speeds.

While there are a lot of pirate sites out there using torrenting to illegally distribute content, torrenting as a technology is a perfectly legitimate way to share large files online, and there are many torrents out there that are totally legal to use.

People shared large files using the Bit Torrent protocol for years, long before software piracy became the big thing it is today.

Using them will not, in and of itself, get you thrown in jail, banned by your ISP, or copyright trolled.

However, if you use the protocol to share copyrighted media (and if you have bad luck or are careless), those things might happen.

If none of the peers have the chunk, then the system goes and gets it from one of the seeds (which have all the chunks).

This system keeps the seeds from being overwhelmed by requests, and once the peers collectively have all of the chunks of the file, then new peers joining can get the file very quickly because it is available from many different sources instead of just a few seeds.

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When a peer finishes downloading the entire file, it becomes another seed and can further enhance the download speed.The examples I give all use u Torrent, but if you use a different client, most of these procedures will still work, you’ll just have to find the equivalent settings in your client.u Torrent is a torrenting client that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.If you say the word “torrent” to many computer users, the immediate association is “pirating”.And it’s true that torrenting has gotten a very bad reputation in the public mind, with the assumption being that downloading any torrent is illegal.

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