Updating hacked iphone to 2 2

Now, go back to App Tapp Installer.exe, and click 'Continue'.

As of this writing, you can use the simple hacking method described in this article with any recent version of i Tunes.

(To do so, go into i Tunes, click your i Phone, click the "Summary" tab, and then click the "Check for Update" button.) Double check that i Tunes isn't open and then select 'Firmware 1.0.2'. What happens now is that App Tapp is going to grab the firmware, then it will "hack it" behind the scenes, and finally install the "hacked firmware" onto your i Phone.

The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes.

Just open up i Tunes, go to the 'Help' menu, and select 'Update i Tunes'.

You can also click on 'Apple Software Update' from the 'All Programs' section of your Start Menu.

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