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success”, I just forget the success, was writing this post of the the top of my head.

I'll add that to first post now [email protected] The board supports booting from CD-ROM, so a boot disk shouldn't be required.

I assume that it doesn't show them on the first POST screen either (the one that appears right after you press the power button).1. I'd reset the BIOS settings just to be on the safe side. You'd want to get HDD to be primary master and CD-ROM to be primary slave.

I only have one other AT power supply which is in my 486 which I'm not gonna rip apart.Hey all,thanks for all the answers, lets get to it:@brostenenyeah, auto hard drive detection worked fine when i tested it with the 486s drive, just haven't tried it with the drive I wanted to put in the computer, but I guess it should work just as fine.As I said, since I can't get the computer to boot anything I really didn't try to much but atleast detection worked fine.I suspect it works since it made the board boot in the first place, which the old power supply that came with the system I found the board in did not.I didn't mention before that my board is from an OEM system. EDIT: I also just tried an ISA FDD controller card, which the system detects fine, but it doesn't print me anything but “Updating ESCD …. Might be silly to even ask, but are you 101% sure you've connected the IDE and floppy data cables the right way?

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