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The entire State Duma of the Russian Federation now repeats it.And we must demand that the Russian Federation return to international law and implement the law, including the friendship agreement, which recognizes territorial integrity, sovereignty and respect for our borders within internationally defined borders, including Donbas and Crimea.Georgia-Ukraine Friendship Open Cup – the first category FAI2 international competitions to be held in in Georgia: the event -– cross-country flights.The unique location of Kakheti allows round-trip flights of 100 km.It ceases to be valid due to non-prolongation,” Poroshenko noted.He has actually generally stated that the position of the authorities regarding the contract has not changed since it is not broken, but non-prolonged.

Then neither Ukraine nor Russia wanted to terminate the document, so it was automatically extended for another 10 years.

And the opposition proposes: let Ukraine be the first to leave this Treaty, so we ourselves will give away Donbas and Crimea." The end of August 2018.

Poroshenko instructs the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to prepare for the termination of the treaty on friendship and cooperation with Russia. In early September 2018, the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) supported Poroshenko’s proposal on the non-renewal of the Treaty with the Russian Federation for the next 10 years.

The decree on the enactment of the decision of the National Security Council on the termination of the treaty of friendship between Ukraine and the Russian Federation came into force on September 19.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a note to Russia on the non-renewal of the Treaty on September 21.

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