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The main process of downloading entire blogs or select content is straightforward.

Tumbl Three supports videos, images, audio files, text content, and pretty much any other content that is posted on Tumblr.In your tumblr audio post use the “advanced” button to enter a tag like tt:artist name – track name, to skip a song enter tt:skip.Downside: The playlist is not updated in real time.Downside: They support 50 other social networks and the way the list is arranged is a complete mess. Psolenoid is an easy-to-use app to link your Tumblr posts to related posts from other blogs. tarpipe is an amazing web app that helps you automate publishing and sharing of your tumblogs (and other blog posts) by using workflows triggered by emails, IM’s and other apps.It enables reciprocal link exchange between the Tumblr post and a relevant post from a different blog, bringing in a new set of readers to your tumblog. Using tarpipe, you can post your tumblog simultaneously to 22 other social networks & blogging platforms.

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