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As Christians we KNOW that having Christ at the center of our relationship is essential, but sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to apply it.

These boxes have awesome little snacks, DIYs, amazing booklets that encourage Bible study and conversation, and more!

My date night ideas are usually dinner and a movie, dinner and a movie, dinner and a movie…and that can get old really quickly.

I love a good dinner and a movie, but if you’re stuck in a dating rut and need some fun date night ideas, then this list should give you some inspiration!

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries…all the berries. Then you can bake with each other after – it’s a cute date night idea! Play off each other’s strengths and plan a get-together! Our favorite Farmer’s Market is the original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. Basically you have to buy your date’s outfit at a thrift store. The rule is you can’t tell other people what you’re doing on your date.

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If you are a Christian, this little box is an AMAZING way to have an intimate night with your spouse that’s based around growing in Jesus first.

Dating today is about eliminating the borders, removing the distance, and striving for love in all its manifestations.

Forget about loneliness, misunderstanding, and frustration — get what you always wanted.

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