Tegan is dating

It was also in a convenient location where Mel could get ready at her grandparent’s house which was super special for her.

When it came to finding the perfect outfit; Tegan knew she wanted something beachy and so flew herself to Made With Love Bridal on the Gold Coast to find the perfect dress.

(And thank you Kat Von Dyke, Audiostraddle’s Number One Answer About Love is YES WE LOVE YOU) “Tunnel of Love” by Bruce Springsteen. It’s fun to play Bruce Springsteen for new people you’re dating. the first month: whiskey and a small dose of anti-anxiety medication. Or if you’re more of a picture person, check out Robin’s amazing Autofocus photoshoot and our epic Tegan and Sara gallery.It means listening to stories that happened in her dreams, even though we all know those stories are the worst!It also means playing the ‘imagine if’ game if neither of us can sleep. Make sure you take the time to stop and what all the love that’s around you.It’s been a long and tough slog to reach marriage equality and we feel so lucky to live in the time where it’s finally a reality!We lodged our intention to marry on the first day that we could and were legally married on the 9th of January 2018.

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