Stop teen dating violence

Using a detailed and comprehensive grading system, Break the Cycle awarded each state a grade based on minors’ accessibility to domestic violence restraining orders. Physical Effects At least 42% of women and 20% of men sustain minor injuries such as scratches, bruises and swelling.

More severe injury may occur is the abuse is frequent and harsh.

How can Alabama improve its response to teen dating violence?

Break the Cycle just released its annual State Law Report Cards for 2010! The Basics People know that dating violence has a negative effect on the victim and the longer the abuse continues the more negative the effects.

Into this interesting space comes 'Love in the Dumpster' - a game billed as a 'serious game about teen dating violence'.

This unusually titled game comes from a design challenge asking games developers; "Can you design a game about Teen Dating Violence without using violence itself?

Become familiar with these ten warning signs of teen dating violence to better keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

It is common practice for an abuser to keep your phone from you if the situation is deteriorating so plan for that possibility. Game Design Challenge encouraged game developers to create a game the promotes education and awareness on teen dating violence and prevention.

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