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The Irving family lived for a time in Victoria then in New Westminster. The following year John Irving was made the general manager of the CPNC and he ordered the purchase of Yosemite from California and brought it up to Vancouver to serve as a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria.In 1882 William's son Captain John Irving (1854–1936), then 28, ordered the construction of the sternwheeler R. In that first year of service Yosemite set a speed record of four hours and 20 minutes for the 72-nautical-mile (133 km; 83 mi) run from Vancouver to Victoria.In 1843 James Douglas led the effort to construct an outpost on Vancouver Island for the Hudson's Bay Company.He rejected Esquimalt Harbour due to dense tree growth and chose instead to site Fort Victoria overlooking the Victoria Harbour (at a location that is about 1 block east of today's Wharf Street).

On 13 July 1913 the club completed its move from an older clubhouse that was floating on pontoons in the Inner Harbour to a new clubhouse on the shore of Caboro Bay in the nearby community of Oak Bay.

After purchasing the Canadian Pacific Navigation Company in 1901 to form the British Columbia Coast Steamships division, the Canadian Pacific Railway company, through its Canadian Pacific Hotels division, then built the Empress Hotel overlooking James Bay in the Inner Harbour which opened in 1908.

The Canadian Pacific Steamship Company operated ships out of Victoria on the so-called triangle route: Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle.

In 1852 sailors from the British naval ship HMS Thetis built a trail through the forest linking the Esquimalt Harbour with Victoria Harbour and Fort Victoria.

The trail would eventually be paved and is now known as Old Esquimalt Road (it runs parallel to and just north of Esquimalt Road).

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