Singled out dating show

“Singled Out and Punk’d will return as reimaginations on Quibi, a mobile-first streaming platform.” Apparently, all the kids these days are using Quibi…riiight.

The episodes will also be shorter, lasting under 10 minutes.In many ways, MTV and Quibi see these slightly reimagined reboots as the best of both worlds for old fans and new ones, too.“For the generation who grew up watching on MTV, this represents a long overdue reboot of two well-loved shows,” said Doug Herzog of Quibi said in a statement.“It’s also an opportunity to bring these enduring and classic MTV franchises to a brand new audience on our exciting new platform.”These aren’t the only nostalgic TV moments you can expect to see from MTV either, as the network has also promised remakes of “The Real World” and “Daria” to come.As more and more TV series get a reboot, MTV couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon.The network announced that it’s bringing back two hit shows, “Punk’d” and “Singled Out.”But, these shows won’t be returning in the form of classic 30-minute episodes of television.

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