Shroud of turin carbon dating wrong

Seventy five years would pass before renewed interest in the Shroud of Turn would surface once more.It wasn’t until 1978 that an esteemed group of scientists, who called themselves the “Shroud of Turin Research Project (STRUP)”, began to examine the Shroud once again. All the controversy is over a piece of long linen cloth.

In October of 1978, the group assembled in Turin to begin a 120 hour continuous examination of the ancient relic.

Subsequent to this discovery of these fantastic images, a team of French scientists embarked on a study of the images.

They concluded that the image was that of a dead male, and that the image could not be attributable to paint – that it had to have been created as a result of direct and indirect contact with the body.

It gets its name from the city where it has been stored since the middle ages – Turin.

The Shroud of Turin came into popular view at the advent of the 20th century, about the time photography was making its debut.

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