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Last February, Skumanick told a group of students and parents that he had the authority to prosecute a girl for being photographed in a bikini on a beach, because the photo was "provocative." In their brief to the 3rd Circuit, the DA's office asserts their opinion that no person could exchange such photographs for any other reason except sexual gratification.

Their attorney reasserted this right before the court, stating that a minor's transmission of any photograph of herself containing any nudity is never protected under the First Amendment.

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"' But this case has nothing to do with sex, and nothing to do with pornography.

This is a case of a government official using the law to force his personal morals on others.

This case has branded as the "'Sexting Case,"' and headlines ask questions like "'Sexting: Child porn or child's play?

In reality, there was no way such charges would ever stick, and the DA's office had to know this.

The child porn charges were merely a threat, to force the parents to subject their children to Skumanick's moral view of the world, where any and all child nudity is illegal and bras and bikinis are pornographic.

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