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The judge does repeatedly pass by them, quite near and initially unaware, but soon addresses them aloud, knowing they are hiding nearby.Although the kid has three easy clear-shot opportunities to shoot the judge, as Tobin strongly advises, he does not take the shots. Tobin and the kid are in quite bad shape and would likely have died out in the desert, but some benevolent Indians rescue them and they survive.There, Holden shows his dark nature by falsely accusing a preacher of raping both a young girl and a goat, inciting those attending the revival to physically attack the preacher.The kid journeys alone on his mule through the plains of eastern Texas and spends a night in the shelter of a recluse before arriving in "Bexar".Both parties end up in San Diego, but the kid is separated from Tobin when he is caught by local authorities and imprisoned.

When the kid remembers seeing Holden in Nacogdoches, Tobin explains that each man in the gang claims to have met the judge at some point before joining Glanton's gang.

The judge negotiates successfully for Toadvine's hat and unsuccessfully for the kid's pistol, and invites them to share in the "common" water.

The kid and Tobin leave the watering hole and move on through the desert.

After months of marauding, the gang crosses into the Mexican Cession, where they set up a systematic and brutal robbery operation at a ferry on the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona.

Local Yuma (Quechan) Indians are approached to help the gang gain control of the ferry from its original owner, but Glanton's gang betrays the natives, using their presence and previously coordinated attack on the ferry as an excuse to seize the ferry's munitions and slaughter the Yuma.

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