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Matthew and Gregory not only got new names, but new actors to play them: Rosenthal cast Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten as Michael and Geoffrey, respectively.They were the real-life brothers of Madylin Sweeten, who played their TV sis, Ally.The inclination to separate fact from fiction never seemed to apply to Ally, who kept her character name despite being based on Romano’s real daughter, also named Ally.Not only that, the real Ally (Alexandra Romano) played TV Ally’s friend Molly on the show.“Well, my brother was—he is a retired cop now, but at the time he would take a lot of stuff from the other cops," said Romano.Heaton wasn't officially cast until one week before the pilot began shooting.Monica Horan—who played Robert’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and eventual wife Amy—was married to the show's creator, Phil Rosenthal."I did my first stand-up spot on “It was a title that, first of all, the critics ... “It came about from a sarcastic comment my brother made, who is a police officer.And he said, ‘Look what I do for a living, and look at Raymond—yeah, everybody loves Raymond.’ So we used it as a working title.

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Emmy Award-wining actress who played Debra Barone on the television series Everybody Loves Raymond. Patricia Heaton's parents name not available right now. All information about his private life is hidden or stays unknown, so it’s difficult to say if he has a wife or children.

Over the course of nine seasons, Ray Romano endeared himself to audiences as Ray Barone, a Long Island sportswriter juggling work and family, including his parents and older brother, who live right across the street.

Here are some facts about the Emmy Award-winning series that may or may not make you say “holy crap” in a deep voice."I was doing stand-up for 12 years," Romano recounted to Larry King in 2005.

It was surreal.""Ninety percent of everything you hear on the show has been said to me or [producer-star] Ray Romano or one of the writers,” Rosenthal admitted in the same article.

Horan claimed her favorite line to Rosenthal is, “You can say the right thing on TV, but why can't you do it in real life?

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