Prevent acrobat from updating word fields

To explore the common questions on forms, see Forms FAQ.) You can use grids to help position form fields precisely on a page.

You can define the grid spacing, color, and position.

Both copies and duplicates can be dragged to different locations on a page, but not from one page to another.

Both copies and duplicates are created with the same basic name as the original form field.

Sometimes these elements update as part of the steps above, but not always.

In this tutorial, learn how to use Acrobat 9 to produce predictable output when you convert Word to PDF.

This document explains the PDF form field basics in Acrobat DC.

The field that is highlighted in dark blue and displays the border handles is the anchor.

This article describes important issues and includes tricks you can try from that presentation.

The list isn’t exhaustive, but may help pinpoint issues you're experiencing with your files.

When you select multiple form fields by clicking, the last field selected is the anchor.

When you use a marquee, the form field that was created first is the anchor.

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