Panel interview intimidating

The interviewer gives scores to each candidate depending on the answers and who gets the maximum score is the preferred candidate. The structured interview offers a structure to the process and saves time and gives a definite flow to the interview.As the questions asked in the structured interview are conventional, candidates get to practices and prepare well for the interview.It is a face to face interview; questions are asked not using words such as ‘would’ or ‘should’ but as to ‘what you have done’.For example, a question to a candidate interviewing for a manager’s job would be, “How did you solve a dispute in your former office?

A competency interview helps the firm to zero in on the most skilled candidate for the job while a more proficient candidate gets to demonstrate his job skills and gets a direct chance of getting the job.

Since there is more than one interviewer, there is more accuracy and clarity.

Also as most of the questions are the same, the panel gets to hear different perspectives on the same topic and this makes selection easier as comparing becomes easy and reaching a consensus becomes faster.

Such an interview is more suitable for only junior levels and may not suit higher level hiring.

This is one of the most common interviews held all over the world.

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