Ora 14402 updating partition key biracial dating facts

alter table t enable row movement; I did not understand what is meant by "enable row movement".

Hi, When I am trying to execute an update statement where i am tring to update date values emp_det from 11-oct-2010 to 12-nov-2010.create table test_partition (p_id number(10), p_date date) PARTITION BY RANGE (p_date) INTERVAL (NUMTODSINTERVAL(1,'DAY')) ( PARTITION part_01 values LESS THAN (TO_DATE('18-MAR-2012','DD-MON-YYYY')) );i can solve this problem by enable row movement on this table. whenever this table exists and for all transactions?My question, enabling row movement, does it have any negative impact on the table? a sql code to remove all the special characters from a particular column of a table example :i NPUT-ABC -D. FOUTPUT ABC DEFAND IF THERE IS TWO NAMES LIKE ABC PRIVATE LTDONE SPACE SHOULD BE MAINTAINED BETWEEN 2 WORDS.... Hi Tom, I'm sorry, I am working on so much topics, that I don't have time to search.Hi Tom, Great to visit ask tom site i'm keep on learning oracle things here. i have loaded with "SRC_key = 16" new source data into tables which we used in this view. Short question: If I delete cca 3M entries from table of cca 6.5 rows (and 19 columns), would it be beneficial to re-index? Hello, I want to use TDE tablespace encryption on my database.

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