Not updating sent mail ipad ios 7

In some rare cases where email problems are tied to a faulty hardware component on the i Phone, tech service is already necessary.If you happen to bump into this page while searching for potential solutions in resolving email problems on the same i Phone handset, then this content might be able to help.If your email still isn't working, it's time to get some direct tech support for your email problems.

If you need help connecting to Wi-Fi, read How to Connect i Pod touch or i Phone to Wi-Fi.

Updated versions of the i OS deliver bug fixes and improvements to features.

It's possible that the problems with your email are the result of a bug that's fixed with the latest i OS update or that your email provider has changed some settings and only the latest i OS version can help you deal with the change.

To learn how to update your i Phone, read: If none of these steps have helped and you're still having i Phone email problems, there may not be anything wrong with your phone.

Instead, the problem may lie with the settings being used to try to connect to your email account.

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