Nick jonas and maya kibble dating

I DONT THINK YOU GUYS NO HOW I AM SOOO EXCITED ABOUT SEEING YOU GUYS AGIN!! Im a huge fan and i wondered if you could play in Copenhagen in Denmark and if its possible to get backstage tiggets? YOU GUYS ROCK Joe, I think it's great when you wear your glasses, because alot of kids don't want to wear them. MY QUESTION: 1kevin and joe..u could be any candy bar u wanted what would u be and would u eat urself? Would you ever have a fan come up on stage and sing with you? and your concert in chile is reallity amazing , singing great ! I love them soo much Line Vines and Trying Times gets released 2day ! do you really care about your fans the way you say that you do?its been about a year since i seen you guys and i cant wait to get your cd tonight my loving aunt is taking my at tonight to get will i will see you in Detroit july 26 cant wait!! And one of my questions are if Nick, do you like Miley and think you will be together as a couple again? Could you please tell us what is wrong with your eyes, and again thank you for wearing them. hey guys,i have a couple of question but b4 i do ask them... ..........i would be a sneaker bar ,.........not bc its nick 's nick name bc its my face candy bar im obessed with them lol hi, my name is Igna I'm from VENEZUELA! What is the strangest poster you have ever seen at a concert? AND I AMM SOO PROUD OF THOSE BOYS they bright up the WORLD, and turn everyones frowns upside down =) Why does Joe ignore Kevin on stage, but practically arm-rapes Nick at every available chance? or do you really just care about the followed you since the beginning and truly belive you do it for the fans and you love writing and singing music (: but clear that up please to let fans parents know you really really are great guys who truly love your fans as mush as we love you!Ahead of Larry King’s interview with the band this Thursday, Nick has been especially vocal about his admiration of our beloved host. another question: NICK, YOU ARE WITHOUT QUESTION, MY BIGGEST HERO. ( A T RELAX PLACE CANADA EDMONTON ALBERTA AT PM) PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAEEEEES! My question is : HOW WAS WORKING WITH JONNY LANG FOR ONE OF YOUR NEW SONGS AND HOW DID YA' LL CONNECT WITH HIM? They are an inspiration to not only my kids but sooo many others out there.He surprised me talking about some shows that he had watched in the past. Joe has studied all of the greatest frontmen – Mercury, Morrison, Jagger…and he’s sweated hard to put those studies to use on stage. I was at the sound check party and you shoke my hand and i said i love you. y OU INSIPRE ME EVERYDAY, AND I WANTED TO THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS WORKING YOUR HARDEST AND NEVER GIVING UP. LOVE, JULIA ORANGE COUNTY, CA Hey guys, My main question to you: WHAT IS ONE PLACE THAT YOU HAVENT VISITED YET, BUT REALLY WANT TO IN THE FUTURE? I SAW HIM IN CONCERT AND MET HIM AND HE IS AN AMAZING MUSICIAN AND GREAT GUY! joe what what are you thinking when you fall on stage? My questions are all family related: their parents were married very young, do they plan on marrying at a young age?As I talk to the band and crew, I get the sense that their rate of improvement is accelerating. and if they came again will have more pao de queijo ( bread in cheese) for you guys i love you guys so much, and the brazilians fans too ! ♥ the news songs are wonderful First, I want to tell you that my Mom and I got to see you at the NYS Fair last year and even though we were way far back and behind obnoxious teenagers, I thought your concert was great! I really enjoy reading them and can't wait for the next! hi guy it me from dallas,tx and i lovvvvee u guy so much cux ur song inspartion me so much and conrat nick u pass and i cant wait to c u guy and i saw the staduim wit midad and mi stepsis i really really want to meet u gu so bad cux i not have a vicket pass and i will supporant u all the ay cux u had diabets i will be 18 this aug love ya please i wnt to eet u guy so bad badbadbadbad When a fan tells you that they love you, what do you think? sarah i luv u guys and im so exited 4 your world tour this summer!!! I care about you and your family so much, I pray for you all everyday, I consider you part of my family.They battled hard on this night as the show was held at the giant popcorn bag known as Le Zenith arena in the industrial part of Paris. My question to you is, has a fan ever fainted when they met you? and are you ever gonna come to Iowa, with in a good distance from waverly? ♥ emii Hello my name is Patty I am from Peru and I love the Jonas Brothers are my inspiration I love them too my question is that sometimes some people change you know those people who creean the best I know that you are not well but if they happen then you reflect? 😀 If you get the chance, can you please tell Kevin, Joe and Nick that we would love them to come and do a few shows throughout NEW ZEALAND! Joe, I have been trying to meet you for a long time, I even lost 0 in the process and still haven’t met you.If a young band’s future is at least partly dependent on their appreciation of the musical past, the Jonas Brothers are off to a really good start. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS, WHO INSPIRES YOU, WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO AS A PERSON? well you guys are awsome people and i love guys so so so much please email me okay ❤ i think it would be awsome if i would to meet you guys have you ever walked up and sombody just randomly has your face on a t-shirt or something. Have you begun working on the next album(yeah, it's a little early, but hey,you guys are writing all the time from what I can tell)? :] I´m Claudia, from Valencia(Spain) and I have a question that I wonder everytime. The true Jonas fans know the boys stance on purity rings, these are somewhat serious questions I haven't really heard them answer individually - who better to ask than Larry King! questions for Nick on his run for the White House in 2038. You men are literally the angels you played in Night at the Museum 2, you’re such genuinely good God loving people and even though you’ve become so successful, you all managed to stay grounded thanks to your lovely family!!!

What’s unique about Team Jonas are the members of the “family.” The Jonas Brothers - Joe, Nick, and Kevin – are individuals. There is Brad the promoter - a Letterman look-alike with an irrepressible sense of humor and unmatched enthusiasm.

With that also comes a sense of family – something that can’t be sustained if there are jerks running around.

The Jonas organization definitely embraces the former (family) and rejects the latter (jerks).

Like will you always stay together or do you see yourselves going separate directions eventually?

im from houston texas and i want to see you guys at the toyota center august 14th and i wanted to know if theres a meet and greet and how to get in to that? i saw you feb14 2008 at the toyota center on you when you look me in the eyes tour and again at the reliant ariena march 8 2009 at the houston livestock show and rodeo.

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