Nichkhun wooyoung dating

When asked a question regarding a girlfriend or boyfriend, the idols would state, “The fans are my girlfriends.” Even if they were by chance dating, they would shake their heads in denial and state, “Never.” However, the image of idols today have changed quite significantly.

Idols back then were regarded as mystical figures in between humans and gods.

There’s the ‘real’ aspect attached to it along with the fantasy that is ‘marriage.’ Idols these days are not able to be in committed relationships.

A custom that has continued from the first generation of idols was to maintain an aura of mystery.

In the past, SNSD Seohyun and CN Blue Jung Yonghwa were met with many objections when they were first added to the show.

However, with SG Wannabe’s Kim Yongjun and Hwang Jungeum, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and BEG’s Ga In were not met with such harsh objections.

Not much information about the coupling is known yet, but there were 3 female stars and 5 male stars, so 2 of the men might have been special guests.

He once filled in as a dancer partner with Wonder Girls member Kim Yubin when T. P from Big Bang fainted the day before the special performance with the Wonder Girls during the 2007 MBC Music Awards.2PM Nichkhun has been called ‘Angel Khun’ amongst his fans.With his white skin and cute face, he is receiving much love from his fans due to his bright smile.Fans are already screaming, “We object this marriage! What will the reaction of these fans be once the married life of these two actually airs? The dorm grew quiet for a couple of seconds before Chansung laughed maniacally. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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