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I mean, love is so rare and - God, first of all, marriage is so hard.

I think that people should be able to be with whoever they love. I just don't think it's anyone else's business.[on working at Hooters and overcoming self-consciousness] I have nightmares about that job, period. You can't be so hard on yourself that you're not enjoying everyday. I just started eating right and working out and putting my energy into that.

The easter bunny and the f***ing tooth fairy are for sure dating.

I just saw them.” Though her remarks were snide, they were vague enough to keep fans wondering if she and Spade are together.

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It all has to do with work ethic and how I apply myself to my awesome job now.

Naya Rivera and David Spade are confusing the world.

It doesn't help it was just April Fools' Day either.

Outside of the pool, they sat on lounge chairs and talked animatedly. It's a good thing a source close to her confirmed she is, in fact, dating Spade.

The source spoke to Us Weekly, revealing, After dating Big Sean, Naya Rivera was married to her now ex-husband Ryan Dorsey.

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