Nam sang mi dating

The writing, the production and the acting just leave you speechless!!!!Second to “Time Between Dog and Wolf” is “3 Days” after these two, the rest are barely mimicking.This drama needs a sequel, because it ended non-conclusively.Leaving it uncertain as to whether or not the hero actually died.The sequel could explain how he had a near-death experience, but somehow managed to survive, even though badly wounded, after he dove into the water to escape. Truthfully I think this is the best drama about police and spy. The acting is flawless, as usual delivered by Lee Joon GI and Jung Kyung-Ho.They should also do a sequel for Il-Jimae, since it was similarly inconclusive. All of actors who act in this are amazing and really believable, i am not someone who rate everything high and perfect, but this show really can make me feel everything.. It's logical and rational too, i haven't watched all lee joon gi's drama and movies but i guess, this is his best drama so far that i have watched. – He enjoyed sports and computers while growing up. – He used to be under Mentor Entertainment and JG Company. – Lee Joon Gi’s ideal type: “I like a warm-hearted person. – He got discharged from the military on February 10, 2012. They started their relationship in early 2016 but it was confirmed their relationship ended in August 2017.

Although I liked the ending, they could have included just a simple 5 more minutes (instead of only 10) to create a clear conclusion.Therefore, to a modern viewer, this will feel dated and for some, that may very well be a turn off but if you do persevere, the payoff is worth it.Critical and climactic scenes are generally grounded by solid performances from everyone -- leads and support but the heart of TTBDa W is in its subtleties that are couched very neatly inside major movement of the plots.Everything in that show and literally means EVERYTHING is a masterpiece.Apart from the bad hair styles (Lol), you would think that it was recently produced.

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