Jennifer masche dating

There's never a dull moment during the family Christmas tree hunt, a Christmas card photo session and a Vegas shopping spree.

The big gift for the family is a field trip to Williams, Arizona for a train ride on the Polar Express.

Her mom, Sue, comes to the rescue, and the extended family all finally joins together for a true Thanksgiving!

Christmas is hectic for any family, but it becomes downright crazy when you have sextuplets!

Jenny recovered enough after five days to be able to visit her sextuplets in the NICU.

The babies spent about five weeks in the hospital after birth.

:) Jennifer Masche, who you probably last saw in Raising Sextuplets before she started dating a married guy, and her husband caught her cheating has ended up marrying that guy.

Jennifer had previously dated the guy she was cheating with so I wonder how come they just did not end up married in the first place and then would have saved her husband and her boyfriend's wife a lot of grief.

She's determined to somehow save it, but Bryan thinks she's crazy. And in the midst of the remodeling chaos, Halloween comes and Jenny's determined to celebrate.Bryan's the overprotective dad who wants the babies close by his side, while Jenny thinks each of the babies should be free to roam and learn through exploration.Their parenting styles clash on a family trip to Huntington Beach, California.The six Arizona desert babies see snow for the first time... But holiday cheer takes over when Santa shows up bearing gifts for all!As the babies get older and harder to wrangle, Bryan and Jenny have differing ideas about how they should experience the world.

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