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In a world of Tinder, ghosting and Netflix and Chill, it's refreshing to see honesty when it comes to the dating scene.Have you got any videos or pics that you think should grab our attention?“At the end of the day, you don’t do it for the love of the money. But it’s time now to settle down and get a grip,” He chuckled.

has been designed to combat 'dating fatigue' on the internet - where users are overwhelmed by the amount of matches suggested by the likes of Tinder.Eoin - Eoin is a 28-year-old farmer who runs a flock in excess of 1,000 sheep and herd of cattle in his native Derry, while he also runs another sheep enterprise in Scotland.He is also the twin brother of a man previously featured as part of our Young Farmer Series, Jonathan Kelly.I’m the seventh generation on this farm.” he continued. It’s just about impossible to find someone who fits into my lifestyle.” Eoin added.Eoin admitted to finding it difficult in his search for love, due in part to the sheep shearers and farmers busy lifestyle. One minute I am in Ireland, the next minute I’m in Scotland.” he said. Although busy, Eoin truly loves what he does and after having some fun, he thinks now is the time to make a move on love.

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