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As we approached the Sandias, Aaron remarked that a recent hike with Selina had gone slower than expected, and I offered my condolences—six years of them now.Selina and Jessie laughed, but neither promised change. At the University of New Mexico, Jessie researches, writes, and reads about birds.She even writes about researching andreading about birds.I do this mostly by tagging along with Jessie’s lab in the field—or at a bar where they gather after their lab meeting on Fridays.

Lately, I’ve found myself ditching the foldout chair for binoculars, and I’ve gotten better at making IDs.Hiking with Jessie, my significant other, means flushing birds by pishing so we can look at their jizz.I learned what this means the old-fashioned way in 2012, without Google, on our first hike together. I am not a birder, though I’ve learned a lot since dating one.My greatest birding accomplishment remains spotting a pack of endemic fowl crashing through underbrush in Borneo, making loud, chicken-like noises.I spotted them because I didn’t have binoculars and was limited to looking only at the ground.

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