Error when updating sub report

When a report part is changed and republished, initially nothing happens to the report part in your report.

When you open your report in Report Builder 3.0, the default behavior is to ask you if you want to update the report part to the latest published version.

When you add a report part to a report you are designing, the user interface looks just like you added a report item to the report.

When you add a subreport to the report you are designing, all you see is a blank rectangle that represents the area of the report where the subreport will be rendered.

The setting "Show updates to published report parts in my reports" in Report Builder Options determines whether you will be notified when a report part has been changed.

With subreports there is some impact on performance because the report server processes each instance of a subreport as a separate report.

A report part is stored as an XML fragment in a file with the extension

A Subreport is a SQL Server Reporting Services report that is rendered from within another report.

If you have a Crystal Command version that is older than the version below then this install will automatically update you.

If you have a registered version you will not need a new Registration Key.

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