Dating stanley plane blades

Hey everyone, I’ve been busy with school and still trying to perfect the finish on my desk. Close as I can figure by Hypperkitten’s page is that it is a Type 8 (from 1899-1902) since it has a “B” cast on the body (along with No. Contact an ad represenative today at Just Joe's Advertising Consortium.

But I took a break to go and see my uncle today I noticed this sitting on the work bench, I told him that I’ve fixed up some planes before and he told me that I could have it. 10 1/2) but I do not find a patent date on the lateral adjustment lever, it does say STANLEY, so it is a little conflicting there according to Hypperkitten’s page. The man who owned would’ve been about 90 years old, there are initials on the side of it although they are not his initials. There are no other markings on it anywhere, not on the brass knob, not on the frog, not on the cap. He found the TM on the iron already: The blade says “STANLEY” “PAT AP’L 19.92”.

I am used to laminated irons in old plane irons used in wooden planes of old but it is indeed a rarity here in the UK to come across a laminated iron like the one here.

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With many of these vintage tools available for just a few dollars, collecting them turns out to be fairly inexpensive when compared to buying new, quality hand tools.Stanley retained Bailey's numbering system for iron bench planes No. 8, adding corrugated bottom availability for sizes No. 8 in 1898 (designated by the letter "C" in catalogs but not in the plane's casting).Later changes in model number include the addition of the wider No.You may also click the image within the description for each type of tool below to go directly to the image gallery for those tools.This page also has fairly complete list of good reading for folks interested in Stanley tools and vintage tools in general available in the Reference Materials section near the bottom of the page.

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