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After OLTL cancellation in 2012, Howarth brought Todd to General Hospital (GH), but returned, along with St.John as Victor, Jr., to the online version of OLTL in 2013, which was cancelled after one year.Todd survives and hides at Llanfair, where he befriends two children, C. His prison van gets into an accident with another vehicle, and he rescues Marty, C. A deranged Powell, believing Todd is in his head, is later revealed as the serial rapist and kidnaps Rebecca.When Todd confronts him, making it so that Rebecca can escape, he kidnaps Todd and makes Todd feel the way Marty felt when they raped her. After Powell is caught and arrested, Todd apologizes to Marty for all the pain he caused her, recognizing that he "was a monster." He begins falling in love with Blair Cramer (Kassie De Paiva) after meeting her in a bar.In December 1994, Peter Manning dies and Todd learns he is adopted.

They took steps to redeem him and made him an integral part of OLTL canvas, despite Howarth's objections to a redemption storyline.

In 1993, Todd and his fraternity brothers, Zach Rosen and Powell Lord, rape Marty in Kevin's dorm room. Smith), who believes in his innocence until a woman named Carol Swift reveals Todd also raped her; Nora causes a mistrial.

Todd continues to torment Marty, including by attempting to rape her for a second time, but she eventually tricks Todd into confessing, sending him, Zach and Powell to prison.

An important aspect of the character became his appearance, most notably the scar on his right cheek, which emerged as synonymous with him and served to remind him of his past misdeeds against Marty.

Music and the use of humor were also key to Todd's development.

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