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This statue of a Buddha is just under life sized, 43 inches in total, with both arms broken off where the hands would have projected.The form of the Buddha with the robes having low relief folds close to the body forming a column, and the elegant restraint of the overall figure, generally date the sculpture to the late 6th Century.D., which would be the end of the Northern Qi, to early Northern Zhou Dynasties.

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I will analyze the piece and show parallels to attempt to place it in time.The neck is smooth and columnar, with no fat rings, as are found more commonly after the Northern Qi.The face, with its rounded form is moving towards the fullness developed in the Tang Dynasty, but the clarity and elegance of it is still Northern Qi.Based on the slightly distinct but still subtle ushnisha, the fullness and Chinese appearance of the face, and smooth neck, I feel we have a late Northern Qi sculpture here, whose style anticipates the later developments in Chinese sculpture, almost a transitional piece.Another stylistic feature that helps to place this statue in time is the treatment of the robe, which has low relief crisp folds and is close to the body.

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