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So what if someone doesn’t understand the concept of “a la tiznada,” as long as we speak the language of respect and love, right?Tagged as: chicana, chicano, common language, cross-cultural, cuba.havana, dating, ethnic, food, heritage, history, identity, language, latina, latino, music, satire, shared experience, shared interests, spanglish This topic actually reminds me of the racist term, White Sharks, to describe white woman who date black men.During my seemingly eternal quest for love, I’ve been accused more than once of being “racist” for mostly dating Latinos.Part of this is totally my fault and the result of my whining and chiflazón.

Christmas celebrations are similar to what you expect from any American, but in Hispanic culture, a lot of emphasis is put on the nativity scene (Nacimiento). Some of the biggest celebrations are in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.There is a strong religious foundation to Christmas celebrations. However, you will find celebrations in large Hispanic communities within the United States as well.Other observed celebratory days include: The most important thing to consider with Latino dating is that there are numerous Hispanic countries.For example, if you’re planning to meet each other for dinner at PM, tell her PM. Things will change, and this can make life more exciting.So, ensure that you’re flexible when making plans and creating date nights.

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