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Electronics engineers at the time often used these text book circuits in fuzz and booster pedal designs as clients usually wanted things fast and inexpensive.Sometimes they used nearly the exact book circuits or slightly modified forms, sometimes combinations of those different circuit stages, other times only the circuit architecture was used, but component values were changed to suit the application.Even within the first phase of Fuzz Face production, there is some variation to the circuitry as well as to the color of pedal.Later Fuzz Faces were produced by Crest Audio and later by Dunlop.That was how most circuit design was accomplished back then, and it is still done that way today.I would speculate that 90% of all pedal circuit design is based on something that previously existed.It should be noted that basic amplifier circuits appeared in Mullard, Valvo, GE, and Phillips application books in the 1950's, '60's and '70's.

Some dates should be considered approximate as there is no way to verify the exact year for some of these products.

's bass guitar on the song have a fuzzy, distorted tone.

The decision is made to keep this unique "fuzz" bass solo as part of the final song, supposedly recorded in late 1960, but not released as a single that year.

It first appeared in January 1961 on a greatest hits album.

It shot to the #1 spot in the country charts in February.

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