Dating czech man and woman 2016

He and I messaged back and forth all afternoon, essentially fighting over who was more hungover.I thought I was winning but he was holding his own, eating M&Ms in bed watching Netflix as well. Turns out they were just backpacking around Europe, they don’t actually live in Prague (all the lies!) but they still showed us a good time so we couldn’t give a crap about the lies they were telling.Three Aussies who had been living in Prague for 8 months and they invited us to come out with them so they could show off their city.We met the guys at a pub for some beers before heading to a club across the street.The Canadian and I had sent a few messages back and forth on Saturday night and then he asked me what my Sunday plans were.I saw the message on Sunday morning and wrote back to him, saying that my current status was eating a Magnum ice cream bar in my bed.

Not to sound bratty, but whaaattttt, Prague is pretty damn cheap, but whatever.

And on Bumble, I realized that I had matched with a super cute guy from Canada.

Although my Bumble date on Friday wasn’t the most exciting, it still goes to show that here are some good looking guys on that app.

Our third friend didn’t answer her phone to come join us (looking at you, D) as there were three Aussies, but that just meant that Z and I options to choose who we wanted.

We took Jager bombs and headed out to the dance floor with our Aussie trio following behind us.

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