Dating artillery hat badge

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The 2nd Infantry, company G is missing the nut and both prongs are bent over. I date this to WW2 since it still has the early 'oval' cloud with the early star pattern It also has the larger size eagle being 1-1/4" X 1-1/4".

Your Choice: I believe this to be an early pin with the oval cloud. They are two piece so they can be separated for polishing.

Appears to be cast and not stamped judging by the back surface.

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The 3rd Infantry, company C has one prong broken off. Complete with matching small nuts with anti-rotation points on them.

The 28th Infantry, company A has both prongs bent over slightly. Disks are uncleaned and have a few light spots on them. Hard to find matched set of early military aviation insignia. These are highly convex, domed and I believe they will date to the Korean War period.

At present the Irish Guards have one battalion only.

The fourth of the Regiments of Foot Guards, the buttons on the tunics are placed in sets of four.

The regiment was raised after the last South African War, and the 10 Honours of the Great War appear on the Colours, which were presented in 1927.

I am not sure what this is but it is of the size worn only a couple of years, 1903-1905 on the uniform collars and shoulder boards. I have in my notes that this is a hat pin used by Cadets at the U..

It may have had an anti-rotation stud at the top center but, it is now missing. The construction of this Hospital Corps Insignia looks to be early 1902 pattern and could have been during the Philippine War.

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