Dating a single father advice No credit card use free sex private chat

Meaning: there are lots of men who will date you but are too passive, lazy, insecure, busy or ambivalent to be good boyfriends. You can’t really argue with a guy who says he wants to be a good father.Having never been a divorced father, I want to tread lightly.

He does 99% of the initiating of contact; in fact, I think I have only initiated contact 2 or 3 times.I really enjoy our time together and appreciate how important it is for you to be a great father.However, I feel like I’m always the one taking the initiative to see you.Because he’s a very involved father, we don’t get to see each other often, which I’m fine with; I wouldn’t even date him if he wasn’t an involved dad.Sometimes a few days will go by and I wouldn’t hear from him, and it seems lately I’ve been making all of the plans.

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