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For example, we discovered that we deal with our free time quite differently.

Ashley prefers to make a list of tasks and work on projects, while I prefer to lounge around, read, and talk.

Best of all, a pre-engagement counselor can detect problem areas that could destroy their future.

Pursuing pre-engagement counseling does not mean that anything is necessarily wrong with a relationship.

This is just one example of how pre-engagement counseling improved the harmony of our relationship.

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This can make it nearly impossible to stop and deal with any character flaws that might arise.

Neither does it mean that a couple has to get married.

Instead, counseling examines the critical aspects of a relationship to make sure that a man and woman are right for each other.

A major factor was pre-engagement counseling, which I strongly recommend for any single adult who is involved in a serious dating relationship.

Yet, there’s a big difference between pre-engagement counseling and pre-marital counseling. Once an engagement ring sits on a woman’s finger, a dating couple usually loses any remaining objectivity about their relationship.

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