Christian dating and sex

But again, I’ve done this wrong before, and believe me if you have a non-Christian boyfriend, sticking to this is a whole lot harder, and it causes huge amount of heartache and hurt.

God set this rule for a reason, and it’s too clear in the Bible to try and argue your way around it (me and my friends tried that one too!

I’m not claiming to have this down, or to always get it right.

In fact, I feel able to talk and write about this topic precisely because I have got it wrong so many times and God has consistently shown me grace and turned my mistakes into good.

They may be amazing but in my experience, they didn’t pray for me, didn’t try and stick to the values I have, didn’t challenge me, weren’t be able to build me up in faith and not having that did not make the fact that they were cute worth the sacrifice.

I’ve been with my boyfriend 6 months now, not massively long but it is my first Christian relationship and the difference that makes is phenomenal.

Whether you are single or married, bringing your sexuality under the submission of Christ will be a lifetime ongoing effort.

Christian relationships are messy, complicated and sometimes they break down.

I fight with my boyfriend, sometimes he’s annoying, sometimes I’m frustrating or just not loving him properly.

Holiness is allowing the Spirit to govern natural desires and sin is when natural desires are allowed to run the show.

Desire is good, but without discipline it can lead you down a path full of unnecessary hurts.

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