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The Rio Grande is tied for the fourth-longest river in the United States.

Visitors also frequent the surviving native pueblos of New Mexico.

After Mexican independence in 1824, New Mexico became a Mexican territory with considerable autonomy.

This autonomy was threatened, however, by the centralizing tendencies of the Mexican government from the 1830s onward, with rising tensions eventually leading to the Revolt of 1837.

With a population around two million, New Mexico is the 36th state by population.

With a total area of 121,592 sq mi (314,920 km), it is the fifth-largest and sixth-least densely populated of the 50 states.

New Mexico received its name long before the present-day nation of Mexico won independence from Spain and adopted that name in 1821.

Before statehood, the name "New Mexico" was applied to various configurations of the U. territory, to a Mexican state, and to a province of New Spain, all in the same general area, but of varying extensions.

As of 2018, its total gross domestic product (GDP) was 1 billion with a GDP per capita of ,465.

New Mexico's status as a tax haven yields low to moderate personal income taxes on residents and military personnel, and gives tax credits and exemptions to favorable industries.

the state is the fifth-largest state of the US, and slightly larger than British Isles.

New Mexico's eastern border lies along 103°W longitude with the state of Oklahoma, and (due to a 19th-century surveying error) On the southern border, Texas makes up the eastern two-thirds, while the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora make up the western third, with Chihuahua making up about 90% of that.

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