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They have gatherings for celebrities born in ’86.” Finally, on the topic of Eunhyuk’s whereabouts since his scandal, she stated, “We don’t talk about those things with Eunhyuk.Eunhyuk has always done well on his own, so…” Another staff member helping out at the bakery added, “Eunhyuk’s always been filial to his parents since he was younger.Did an interview with them in between production of the video.” SM Entertainment also said, “It is true that but who knows?She seems to have a lot of time in her hands updating her Twitter and stuff.Joo Won’s agency confirmed that the two started dating near the end of last year, but because Joo Won is currently filming, it is harder to find out more details apart from that. Watch: Rapper Kasper Shows Off Her Soothing Vocals And Laid-Back Rap In "Lean On Me" MVYas!!! ”On January 18 KST, Kasper released the new track on various online music sites as well as a video clip on DSP Media’s official website. The rapper signed an exclusive contract with the agency last June.

is finally able to take time out of her busy schedule, and will be attending the opening on 1st August, as well as the 2 large-scale performances that will be held in Tokyo on the 23rd and 24th August.

If this is her then I’m happy she’s taking an extra step in reaching out to her fans.

It’s also nice to be updated on what’s been happening to her in the US. Although Timbaland has denied the validity of many of the tracks reported, it has been confirmed that quite a few of the tracks and collaborations listed have been confirmed to exist! A feature on an album track is nice exposure for our hard working and Sean Garrett has confirmed “Energetic” will be their next single at the MTV VMAJ.

Both also starred in "Blood" thumbs up if you watched Blood! A source close to both described the two as a “heartwarming couple” that are able to communicate well because of their similar interests and tastes.

Honestly my favorite couple of 2016 was the #Ahn Goo couple(Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun). Joo Won and Bo A also talk about their acting together, with Joo Won having watched Bo A’s recent drama, “My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week” and giving her advice.

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