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When interviewed by authorities, he said that the voice of God had sent him on a mission to kill prostitutes.

Sutcliffe carried out murders over five years, including murders of women who were not prostitutes.

Peter William Coonan (born Peter William Sutcliffe; 2 June 1946) is an English serial killer who was dubbed the "Yorkshire Ripper" by the press.

In 1981, Sutcliffe was convicted of the murder of 13 women and the attempted murder of seven others.

You suffer through an hour of listening to him sing the praises of someone named Lady Catherine, and sit in silence as he boasts about her excellent taste and extreme generosity. “I’ve brought you tea, dearest,” Bingley announces, beaming as he hands you a cup of Darjeeling and leans down to kiss you.

But try to imagine sharing dinner or a movie on a date with Mr Elton or the Reverend Collins. It’s bad enough that your mother has invited Mr Collins to Sunday dinner; to add insult to injury, she pushes him at you over the roast beef and mash and makes no secret of her fervent hope that you and he will marry. To spend the rest of your days shackled to such a ridiculous, self-important man is unthinkable. Nevertheless, you’re persuaded to meet him at Starbucks for coffee the following Saturday. “I really must fly,” you inform him brightly, and set your cup down. “It was a tolerable cup of coffee, I daresay, although the beans that Lady Catherine grinds for her own special Rosings blend is far superior to this. But how much better, you think smugly as you address the last envelope, to spend your days in wedded bliss with a pleasant, smiling man and not a scowling, moody git like Darcy.He is serving 20 concurrent sentences of life imprisonment.Following his conviction, Sutcliffe began using his mother's maiden name and became known as Peter William Coonan.Cottingley Board school (mixed), Levi Lilley, master. Robert Scambler, headmaster; Miss Mary Ann Harwood, mistress. Wesleyan, Hill street (mixed), built in 1861 for 500 children at a cost of £3,000 raised partly by a government grant, but chiefly by public subscription.Holy Trinity, Church street, Matthew Ambler, master; Miss White, infants’ mistress. Board, Cross roads (mixed), Joseph Walbank, master; Miss Sarah Ann Mc Laren, infants’ mistress.

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