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There’s something about being in the town that houses my only big sister that make me feel shy — suddenly I’m five years old again and Sissy has to order for me at the restaurant, pick the movie we watch, and figure out the route to get home.I barely even speak for myself which doesn't breed well for dating, especially since Virginia advised me to take risks."You really have to make it a point to regularly push your social comfort zone and intentionally make time in your day whenever you're out in public (the grocery store, the bank, the dry cleaners) to acknowledge and engage people," she says.

In my LA day-to-day, I am more quick to chat with random people at bars, or at the climbing gym, or on a hike, hoping that this next one is the podcast producer/soulmate I've been waiting for my whole life.

But being vulnerable and putting oneself out there is a huge part of dating app-less so..we go!

I have NEVER made this much lusty eye contact with random strangers.

I occasionally host at a restaurant and am quick to talk up any cutie I see.

I'm talkative, but I don't actually ever pursue anything besides a quick bar-side chat... Putting myself in the game more than that feels a tad too vulnerable.

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