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On the phone John will also have the office managers from Odessa, Ukriane and Davao, Phillipines as well as some of the clients who participated in these tours.You'll also be viewing some GREAT VIDEO fresh from these tours!The Hawaiian & Cocktail Party Socials As always, another fantastic singles adventure in beautiful Cebu City, Philippines. Jim and Helen, our Philippine operations managers, always do a wonderful job of being certain that everyone has the time of their life and are given every opportunity to succeed in their search for that one beautiful woman in their life.

Guests include two REAL and beautiful young women from the Philippines (107543 - 25 year old Janice and 103612 - 22 year old Jeralyn) talk about their excitement anticipating the arrival of the AFA tour in October 2009 with a feature tour deal running for you NOW!Here you'll enjoy some fanstic highlight video from our February, 2010 singles tour to the Phillipines.You can watch MORE videos like this in our Asian Video Section of our Video - Media Center.Photos from our May, 2010 Singles Vacation Tour to the beautiful Philippines. Another wonderful singles vacation tour to the Philippines is what you will enjoy as you browse these photos from our exciting tour of February, 2010!MOST beatiful, of note, is absolutely the women wating for YOUR visit. Hundreds of beautiful, sweet, stunning women are eager to meet you in the Philippines for sure!

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