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Like a lot of season premieres – particularly premieres following cliffhanger-laden finales – it has too much plot to power through to pack in as many jokes as the show is ordinarily capable of.

There were definitely funny moments (Nick Offerman continued to display his physical comedy genius with the way Ron ran out of City Hall) and storylines (Ann gets entangled in Pawnee’s version of the Anthony Weiner scandal, and has to try not to react to the constant penis photos), but the focus this week was more emotional, as Leslie dealt with the question of whether she could give up her dream to run for office so she could keep dating Ben.

Series 3, Episode 4 M HD SD Tom (Aziz Ansari) tries to get back at Ron (Nick Offerman) by going out on a date with Ron’s ex-wife Tammy (guest star Megan Mullally), while Leslie (Amy Poehler) tries to protect Ron from falling prey to her charms.Series 3, Episode 3 M HD SD Leslie (Amy Poehler) wants to bury a time capsule that encapsulates life in Pawnee, but an odd suggestion from a local man (guest star Will Forte) causes unforeseen consequences.Andy (Chris Pratt) seeks help from Chris (Rob Lowe) about how to win back April (Aubrey Plaza).co-star Adam Scott at the event where she was awarded with Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amy Poehler That same day, Amy was spotted making her way through LAX Airport after her flight from New York City.

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