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Ahmad ibn Fadlan visited the area that is now Samara around 921 while on his journey to the Volga Bulgars who then controlled the region from their capital Bolghar.

Legend has it that Alexius, Metropolitan of Moscow, later Patron Saint of Samara, visited the site of the city in 1357 and predicted that a great town would be erected there, and that the town would never be ravaged.

On October 7, 1918, Samara fell to the Fourth Army of the Red Army.

In 1935, Samara was renamed Kuybyshev in honour of the Bolshevik leader Valerian Kuybyshev.

During World War II, Kuybyshev was chosen to be the alternative capital of the Soviet Union should Moscow fall to the invading Germans, until the summer of 1943, when everything was moved back to Moscow.

In 1877, during the Russian-Turkish War, a mission from the Samara city government Duma led by Pyotr V.The Volga port of Samara appears on Italian maps of the 14th century. Lookouts would spot an oncoming boat and quickly cross to the other side of the peninsula whenever the pirates organized an attack.Officially, Samara started with a fortress built in 1586 at the confluence of the Volga and Samara Rivers.As a leading industrial centre, Kuybyshev played a major role in arming the country.From the very first months of World War II the city supplied the front with aircraft, firearms, and ammunition.

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