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She looked over my face and prescribed Retin A to be used each night.According to her, and the research I’ve done online, it appears to be the wonder drug of skin creams: keeps skin breakout-free, reduces wrinkles, builds collagen, reduces discoloration and sun spots.Ladies, it’s time to talk beauty products for a little bit.I think that’s one of the best ways to kick off the (almost) weekend no?Week 1 Pre Retin A Treatment Skin: Minor breakouts along jawline, some bumps on forehead, blackheads in t-zone Skin Type: Combination with more dryness during the winter months Routine: Trader Joe’s Spa Face Was with Tea Tree Oil, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, Clinique Eye Cream (at night) Have any of you all had experiences using Retin A or similar products? Was it that miracle prescription that some say it is?

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- Dead Hardcore characters remain in your character list until they are deleted or restored.

- Players have the option to use Platinum to restore a dead Hardcore mode character to Level 1 with all of the inventory items that the character had when they died.

This is the only way to recover a dead Hardcore character.

They cannot use the huge advantages that come from trading equipment with other adventurers.

They cannot spend their gold for powerful items at Auction.

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